Understand the world better.

Harness the power of the world's most advanced AI
to analyze, get insights and do research on every article
or news item you are reading.

Full Picture is an extension for your web browser that provides you with the tools to assess the accuracy and trustworthiness of every text you are reading. It uses OpenAI's GPT-3 technology to quickly show different perspectives of any article or news item. This helps you make informed decisions and evaluate the text thoroughly:

Full Picture offers a comprehensive assessment of any text you read. It summarizes the text in three bullet points, checks for unsupported claims, biases, and other potential risks, and assigns a rating of reliability. It also provides six search keywords to use in Google to find more information that the article is lacking or misrepresenting. With this service, you can quickly gain a better understanding of the text.

Nowadays, it is imperative to know how to identify bias and one-sided reporting. Fake news and deceptive information have become much more common, which means it is essential to be able to tell when texts and articles are not providing the entire picture. Bias and imbalanced reporting can lead to misunderstandings and wrong conclusions, so learning to recognize these issues is critical for forming educated opinions and making informed decisions based on the truth.