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1. The civil conflict in Israel is a conflict between oligarchy and democracy.

2. Israel's institutional oligarchy is culturally American and feels they deserve to rule Israel.

3. The two different groups of Israelis are far more different than Republicans and Democrats and cannot peacefully share a state unless one submits to the other.

Article analysis:

The article "Israel's two futures" by Curtis Yarvin in Gray Mirror presents a biased and one-sided view of the political situation in Israel. The author argues that there is a civil conflict between oligarchy and democracy, with the former being represented by Israeli institutions and the latter by elected officials. However, this oversimplifies the complex political landscape in Israel.

The article also suggests that Israel is a satellite of the USG and that the Ashkenazi ruling class is culturally American. This claim lacks evidence and ignores the unique history and culture of Israel. Additionally, the author's personal biases are evident when he expresses his preference for Ashkenazi Jews over Mizrahi Jews.

The article fails to consider important factors such as regional security threats, economic challenges, and social issues that impact Israeli politics. It also does not explore counterarguments or present both sides equally.

Furthermore, the article promotes a divisive narrative that pits different groups against each other without offering any solutions or constructive ideas for moving forward. It also does not note potential risks or consequences of its proposed scenarios.

Overall, "Israel's two futures" presents a narrow and biased perspective on Israeli politics that lacks nuance and ignores important factors.