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1. Corporate sustainability reporting is recognized as a method of disclosing information about social, environmental, and economic governance by the corporate sector.

2. Sustainability practices in firms improve financial growth and decision making in areas such as cost of capital, capital budgeting, investment returns, and working capital management.

3. Risks associated with sustainability reporting can be decreased through the implementation of risk mitigation and management practices, and low-risk sustainability financing models can attract more investor interest and financial returns.

Article analysis:

The article "How Sustainability Contributes to Shared Value Creation and Firms’ Value" by Alia Almansoori and Haitham Nobanee discusses the benefits of corporate sustainability reporting practices. The authors argue that sustainability practices in firms can improve financial growth and decision-making, as well as decrease risks associated with sustainability reporting through risk mitigation and management practices.

While the article provides some valuable insights into the benefits of sustainability reporting, it is important to note potential biases in the authors' arguments. For example, the authors suggest that sustainability reporting is accepted as the most appropriate subject in present financial and economic systems without providing evidence to support this claim. Additionally, while the authors acknowledge some risks associated with sustainability reporting, they do not fully explore potential negative consequences or counterarguments.

Furthermore, the article seems to promote sustainable financing models without fully considering their limitations or potential drawbacks. While Western and Islamic financing systems may be working towards sustainable projects, it is important to consider whether these projects are truly sustainable in the long term and whether they may have unintended negative consequences.

Overall, while this article provides some useful insights into the benefits of sustainability reporting practices, readers should approach its claims with a critical eye and consider potential biases or missing evidence.