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1. Charlotte McKinney was seen cavorting in the surf while grabbing onto her assets in a thong bikini on a beach in Malibu with boyfriend Stephen Dorff.

2. The string tied two-piece was so skimpy it left little to the imagination, and she continuously readjusted her teeny tiny bikini.

3. In a recent video with Cosmopolitan, McKinney revealed her top gripes about having big boobs, including bras being often the wrong fit and strapless bras never staying in place.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Pocket - Charlotte McKinney gets hands on with her assets cavorting in surf wearing thong bikini" is a tabloid-style piece that focuses on the physical appearance of model Charlotte McKinney. The article is heavily biased towards objectifying and sexualizing McKinney, with a focus on her curves and cleavage. The language used in the article is sensationalized and often inappropriate, such as referring to McKinney's body as "delightful derriere" and "gravity-defying curves."

The article also lacks balance and context, failing to provide any information about McKinney beyond her physical appearance. There is no discussion of her career or accomplishments, which reinforces the idea that women are only valued for their looks.

Furthermore, the article promotes unrealistic beauty standards by suggesting that readers should aspire to have a body like McKinney's. The article includes a section promoting a similar bikini to the one worn by McKinney, encouraging readers to buy it and emulate her look.

Overall, this article is an example of objectification and sexism in media. It reduces women to their physical appearance and promotes unrealistic beauty standards. It also lacks balance and context, failing to provide any meaningful information about McKinney beyond her looks.