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1. A tailored shear connector was developed for a UHPC-FRP hybrid beam, which outperformed bolted and perforated FRP shear connectors in terms of shear capacity and slip modulus.

2. A parametrical study was conducted to investigate the influence of different properties of the perforated steel plate on the performance of the hybrid beam, with increasing the number of steel bolts connecting the FRP profiles and steel tube resulting in significant improvement.

3. The load versus slip behavior can be predicted using an exponential equation with good accuracy.

Article analysis:


1. 偏袒:文章没有探讨其他类型的剪力连接器,只是将其与螺栓和穿孔FRP剪力连接器进行比较。这可能导致读者对该定制剪力连接器的效果过于乐观。

2. 片面报道:文章没有提到该定制剪力连接器的成本和可行性等实际问题。这些因素可能会影响其在实际工程中的应用。

3. 缺失考虑点:文章没有考虑不同环境下该定制剪力连接器的适用性。例如,在高温或潮湿环境下,其性能可能会受到影响。

4. 所提出主张缺失证据:文章提出了预测载荷承载能力和载荷与滑移响应的方程,但未提供相关实验数据来验证其准确性。

5. 未探索反驳:文章没有探讨该定制剪力连接器可能存在的缺陷或风险。例如,其耐久性和可靠性是否能够满足实际工程需求。