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1. Blender is a powerful open-source 3D animation tool with a plethora of features, including texturing, body simulation and sculpting, video editing, rigging, composing, coloring, texturing, and 3D modeling tools.

2. Powtoon is a web-based CGI and 3D animation program that can run on almost any device in your favorite browser and provides you with a cloud-based platform you can use to create professional-looking animations for all sorts of uses.

3. Daz 3D is designed to help storytellers create visual narratives and is mainly used by beginners and hobbyists. It offers shortcuts to ease the workflow and users can either buy a ready model or start with one of the preset models and modify it to their liking.

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The article discusses the best free 3D animation software available in 2023. It provides a list of 12 software options with their features, pros, and cons. The software options are categorized into two sections: one for professionals and another for beginners.

The article highlights Blender as the best free 3D animation software for professionals due to its powerful rendering support using GPU and CPU power, robust camera restoration, and VR rendering. K-3D is recommended for its flexibility in basic or complex workflows, while Source Filmmaker is ideal for creating animated films using game assets.

For beginners, Powtoon is recommended as it is web-based and easy to use with various payment plans and options to suit different users. Biteable is also beginner-friendly with a user-friendly interface aimed at beginners and over four million pics, clips, and animations to use.

The article does not seem biased towards any particular software option but provides an objective overview of each option's features, pros, and cons. However, it may be missing some points of consideration or unexplored counterarguments that could affect the reader's decision-making process when choosing which software to use.

Overall, the article provides valuable information on free 3D animation software options available in 2023 for both professionals and beginners.