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1. A Donald Trump supporter pulled a knife on a woman with a baby outside the Lower Manhattan courthouse.

2. The incident occurred just feet from the press pen set up for reporters covering the grand jury hearing evidence tied to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump.

3. Since Trump claimed he would be arrested on March 21, there have been at least two bomb threats called into the courthouse and a death threat sent to Bragg.

Article analysis:

The article reports on an incident where a Donald Trump supporter allegedly pulled a knife on a woman outside the Lower Manhattan courthouse. The article provides details of the incident, including the time and location, and notes that court officers intervened and arrested the woman. However, the article also includes several biases and unsupported claims.

Firstly, the article's title suggests that the incident was politically motivated, as it highlights that the woman was a Trump supporter. However, there is no evidence in the article to suggest that politics played a role in the altercation. It is possible that this was simply a personal dispute between two individuals.

Secondly, the article includes several references to Donald Trump and his potential indictment by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. While this information may be relevant to understanding why reporters are gathered outside the courthouse, it is not directly related to the incident involving the knife-wielding woman. Including this information could be seen as an attempt to sensationalize the story or draw attention away from what actually happened.

Thirdly, the article includes several unsupported claims about threats made against Bragg and bomb threats called into the courthouse. While these incidents may have occurred, there is no evidence provided in the article to support these claims. Without additional information or sources, readers cannot verify whether these incidents actually took place.

Overall, while this article provides some basic details about an altercation outside a courthouse involving a knife-wielding woman, it also includes several biases and unsupported claims that detract from its credibility. Readers should approach this story with caution and seek out additional sources of information before drawing any conclusions about what happened.