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1. Short selling is a trading strategy where traders aim to profit from a decline in an asset's price by selling it first and buying it back later at a lower price.

2. Short selling involves risks, including the potential for losses if the stock's price goes up instead of down, fees to borrow shares, and the possibility of a short squeeze.

3. Traders can short individual securities or the market as a whole via ETFs, but short selling is typically favored by day traders and requires careful research and planning. A less risky alternative is buying put options in the options market.

Article analysis:

The Forbes Advisor article provides a comprehensive overview of short selling, including its definition, risks, and how to engage in the strategy. However, the article may have some biases and missing points of consideration.

One potential bias is that the article presents short selling as an advanced trading strategy that flips the conventional idea of investing on its head. While short selling may be more complex than traditional investing, it is not necessarily more advanced or superior. The article also suggests that short selling is primarily favored by day traders and contrarian investors, which may not be entirely accurate.

The article does note the risks associated with short selling, such as potential losses if the asset's price goes up instead of down and additional fees for borrowing shares. However, it does not explore counterarguments or potential benefits of short selling, such as hedging against market downturns or identifying overvalued assets.

Additionally, the article briefly mentions naked short selling but does not provide enough information about its potential impact on markets or why it is typically a violation of SEC law. The article could benefit from further exploration of this topic.

Overall, while the Forbes Advisor article provides a useful introduction to short selling, readers should approach it with a critical eye and seek out additional sources to gain a more well-rounded understanding of the strategy.