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1. Keira Knightley was known for her midriff-baring outfits in the 2000s.

2. The actress wore a variety of daring looks, from cow-neck tops to chainmail bandana tops.

3. Knightley's famous red carpet look at the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere featured extremely low bootleg jeans and an off-the-shoulder crop top with a slight train.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Pocket - Keira Knightley’s Best Belly-Baring Looks, In Honor Of Her Birthday" is a celebratory piece that highlights the actress's midriff-revealing outfits throughout her career. The article is biased towards Knightley and her fashion choices, as it only focuses on her positive attributes and does not provide any critical analysis of the trend of low-rise clothing or the objectification of women's bodies in Hollywood.

The article also lacks evidence to support its claims, such as stating that Knightley's stomach was once one of the most recognized in the world. This claim is unsupported and seems to be based on personal opinion rather than factual evidence.

Additionally, the article promotes a narrow view of beauty standards by only showcasing Knightley's slim figure and washboard abs. It fails to acknowledge that all body types are beautiful and worthy of celebration.

Furthermore, the article presents a one-sided view of Knightley's fashion choices by only highlighting her midriff-revealing outfits. It ignores other aspects of her style and career, such as her advocacy for sustainable fashion and her powerful performances in films like Atonement and The Imitation Game.

Overall, this article is promotional in nature and lacks critical analysis or balanced reporting. It perpetuates harmful beauty standards and objectifies women's bodies without acknowledging their agency or individuality.