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Fuck Passion, I Will Do 9–5
Source: locusdawn.medium.com
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1. SourceGenZ influencers often encourage people to quit their jobs and pursue a life of freelancing, but this is not always the best option.

2. People should consider their own circumstances before making decisions about their career paths, as not everyone has the same resources or opportunities available to them.

3. It is important to recognize that there are many different paths to success, and that 9-5 jobs can be just as rewarding as pursuing a passion project.

Article analysis:

The article presents an interesting perspective on the idea of pursuing a passion project versus taking a 9-5 job. The author does make some valid points about considering one's own circumstances when making decisions about career paths, and acknowledges that 9-5 jobs can be just as rewarding as pursuing a passion project. However, the article does have some potential biases and unsupported claims which could lead readers astray.

For example, the author paints an overly negative picture of SourceGenZ influencers who encourage people to quit their jobs in pursuit of freelancing opportunities, without providing any evidence for this claim or exploring any counterarguments. Additionally, the author implies that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were “self-made” role models despite having access to resources which most people do not have access to; this could lead readers to believe that they too can achieve similar success without recognizing the privilege these two individuals had access to which allowed them to succeed in ways most people cannot.

Furthermore, while the article does acknowledge that there are different paths to success, it fails to explore any potential risks associated with taking a 9-5 job or pursuing a passion project; this could lead readers into believing that either path is risk-free when in reality both come with their own set of risks which should be taken into consideration before making any decisions. Finally, while the article does present both sides of the argument fairly well, it does so in an overly biased manner which could lead readers into believing that one path is better than another without considering all factors involved in each decision.