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1. Japan has banned the export of aircraft and construction equipment to Russia, along with other goods such as electronic equipment, drones, and toys.

2. The ban is part of a larger package of export sanctions imposed by Japan against Russia since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine.

3. The sanctions include asset freezes, bans on exports and imports of various goods, and restrictions on financial services and investments.

Article analysis:

The article reports that Japan has banned the export of various goods, including aircraft and construction equipment, to Russia. The list of banned items is extensive and includes a range of products from toys to steel products. However, the article lacks context and explanation for why Japan has imposed these sanctions.

The article does not provide any information on the reasons behind Japan's decision to impose these sanctions. It also does not explore any potential counterarguments or perspectives from Russia or other countries affected by the ban. This one-sided reporting could suggest bias or a lack of thorough research.

Additionally, the article contains some unsupported claims, such as stating that Japan has frozen assets of 987 people from Russia without providing evidence or context for this claim. The article also includes promotional content for RIA Novosti, which could suggest partiality.

Overall, while the article provides some information on Japan's ban on exports to Russia, it lacks important context and explanation for why these sanctions have been imposed. The one-sided reporting and unsupported claims raise questions about the accuracy and impartiality of the article.