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1. Iron sulfides-based autotrophic denitrification (IAD) is a promising technology for nitrate and phosphate removal from low carbon-to-nitrogen ratio wastewater due to its cost-effectiveness and low sludge production.

2. A co-electron-donor iron sulfur autotrophic denitrification (ISAD) biofilter was constructed and operated at as short as 1 hour hydraulic retention time (HRT), achieving a nitrate removal rate of 960 mg/L/d.

3. The interactions between FeS and S0 in the ISAD system accelerated the denitrification process and maintained the acidity-alkalinity balance, while enriched nitrate-dependent iron-oxidizing bacteria, sulfur-oxidizing bacteria, and dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonia bacteria supported stable nitrate reduction.

Article analysis:


1. 偏袒:该文章只介绍了该技术的优点,没有提及其潜在的缺陷或风险。例如,文章没有探讨可能会产生的副产品或对环境造成的影响。

2. 片面报道:该文章只关注了技术本身的性能表现,而忽略了实际应用中可能遇到的问题。例如,该技术是否适用于不同类型的污水处理厂?是否需要特殊条件才能实现最佳效果?

3. 缺失考虑点:该文章没有考虑到其他可能影响技术性能的因素。例如,污水处理厂运营成本、设备维护和更新等方面。

4. 未探索反驳:该文章没有探讨其他学者对这种技术的看法或提出任何反驳意见。

5. 宣传内容:该文章似乎更像是一篇宣传文稿,而非客观分析报告。它强调了技术优势,并试图说服读者采用这种新型技术。