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1. Desmos is a graphing calculator that can handle a wide range of mathematical functions and equations.

2. It can graph lines, parabolas, trigonometric functions, conic sections, polar curves, parametric equations, and more.

3. Desmos also has features for statistics and calculus, including linear regression, derivatives, integrals, and Taylor expansions.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Desmos | Graphing Calculator" provides a comprehensive list of examples for various mathematical concepts that can be graphed using the Desmos calculator. The article is informative and useful for students and educators who want to learn how to use the Desmos calculator effectively.

However, the article does not provide any critical analysis or evaluation of the Desmos calculator itself. It is purely promotional content that highlights the features and capabilities of the calculator without discussing any potential limitations or drawbacks.

Furthermore, the article only presents one-sided reporting by providing examples that showcase the strengths of the Desmos calculator without exploring any potential weaknesses or limitations. This lack of balance in reporting could lead readers to believe that the Desmos calculator is flawless and perfect, which may not be entirely accurate.

Additionally, some sections of the article lack evidence to support their claims. For example, in the section on statistics, there is an example of linear regression but no explanation or evidence provided as to why this feature is useful or how it works.

Moreover, there are missing points of consideration in some sections. For instance, in the section on calculus, there is no mention of numerical integration methods such as Simpson's rule or Monte Carlo integration.

Overall, while this article provides a useful list of examples for using the Desmos calculator, it lacks critical analysis and evaluation of its capabilities and limitations. Additionally, it presents one-sided reporting and lacks evidence to support some claims made. Therefore, readers should approach this article with caution and seek additional information before relying solely on its content.