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1. Irrfan Khan's career was marked by tragic roles, but he was known for his tact and ability to convey emotions subtly, as seen in a scene from The Namesake where his character hides the severity of his illness from his wife.

2. Khan's journey to success in Bollywood was filled with setbacks and struggles, including being rejected for a role in Salaam Bombay after training for two months. He faced challenges such as being told to stick to one type of character and criticized for pausing between lines.

3. Despite the difficulties he faced, Khan persevered and eventually became a renowned actor both in India and internationally, known for his depth of performance and ability to convey complex emotions through subtle gestures and expressions. His legacy continues to inspire fans and aspiring actors alike.

Article analysis:

The article "The Loneliest Man in the World" by Hazlitt provides a detailed exploration of Irrfan Khan's life and career, focusing on his struggles, successes, and impact on Indian cinema. The author delves into Khan's early life, his journey to becoming an actor, his experiences in the Bollywood industry, and his international recognition. The article also touches upon Khan's personal life, including his marriage to Sutapa Sikdar and his battle with cancer.

One potential bias in the article is the romanticized portrayal of Irrfan Khan as a struggling artist who overcame obstacles to achieve success. While this narrative is inspiring and true to some extent, it may overlook the systemic issues within the Bollywood industry that hinder talented actors like Khan from getting opportunities. The article briefly mentions the nepotism and favoritism prevalent in Bollywood but does not delve deeper into how these factors may have affected Khan's career.

Additionally, the article focuses heavily on Khan's positive attributes as an actor and individual, painting him as a beacon of integrity and talent in a sea of mediocrity. While it is important to celebrate Khan's contributions to cinema, a more balanced approach could have included discussions about any criticisms or controversies surrounding him. This would provide a more nuanced understanding of his legacy.

Furthermore, the article lacks exploration of counterarguments or differing perspectives on Khan's career and impact. It presents a largely one-sided view of his achievements without considering potential critiques or alternative interpretations. Including diverse viewpoints would have added depth to the analysis and allowed for a more comprehensive assessment of Khan's legacy.

Overall, while "The Loneliest Man in the World" offers valuable insights into Irrfan Khan's life and work, it could benefit from addressing biases, exploring opposing viewpoints, and providing a more balanced perspective on his career in Bollywood.