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1. NRK's design profile consists of a set of principles and rules for various identity markers (visual language, colors, movement, sound, and composition).

2. The underlying philosophy behind the design is distinctiveness, liveliness, and empathy.

3. The design concept focuses on the meeting between the audience and NRK through digital surfaces or physical meetings, creating a flexible and lively expression.

Article analysis:

The article provides an overview of NRK's design profile and philosophy. It is clear that the article is written from a biased perspective as it only presents one side of the story – that of NRK's design principles and concepts. There is no mention of any potential risks associated with these principles or any counterarguments to them. Furthermore, there is no evidence provided to support the claims made in the article about NRK's design profile or its effectiveness in creating a unified visual identity for the company. Additionally, there is no exploration into alternative approaches to designing a visual identity for NRK which could be beneficial to consider when making decisions about their branding strategy. Finally, there are promotional elements present in the article which could be seen as partiality towards NRK's own designs rather than presenting both sides equally.