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1. Christopher Alexander's tool for human-centered design: The article discusses the tool developed by Christopher Alexander, a renowned architect and design theorist, for human-centered design. This tool aims to create designs that prioritize the needs and experiences of users, ensuring that they are at the center of the design process.

2. Controlling perspective for camera-controlled computers: The article mentions a method for controlling the perspective of camera-controlled computers. This method involves using a capture device to track user gestures and adjust the perspective accordingly. The authors of this research are Markovic, Snook, Latta, and others.

3. Human-centered design in Industry 4.0: The article highlights the importance of human-centered design in Industry 4.0, which is an integrated approach that incorporates digitization and networking into various industries. The authors Nelles, Kuz, Mertens, and others discuss how human-centered design can be applied to assistance systems for production planning and control in Industry 4.0.

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