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1. The U.S. Open at LACC will be a great all-around test, with positioning on the fairways, bunker play, chips, and putting all being important factors.

2. In large-field GPP contests over 70K entries, it is important to manage ownership appropriately and target a 45-65% cumulative ownership range for lineups.

3. Corey Conners is a strong contrarian play at low ownerships despite his recent success and accuracy OTT making him a master at difficult courses.

Article analysis:

The article provides a breakdown of the RBC Canadian Open and previews the upcoming U.S. Open, with a focus on large-field GPP contests in DFS. The author discusses their own lineup choices and strategies for managing ownership restrictions in these types of contests. They also highlight expected chalk plays like Scottie Scheffler and Justin Rose, as well as their own flag plant pick of Corey Conners.

While the article provides some useful insights into DFS strategy and potential plays for the U.S. Open, there are some potential biases and one-sided reporting to consider. For example, the author dismisses the concept of "win equity" in DFS as "a load of bologna," but this may not be entirely accurate as certain players may have a higher likelihood of winning than others based on factors like recent form, course fit, and overall skill level.

Additionally, while the author argues against playing Justin Rose due to his high ownership projections, they do not provide much evidence or analysis to support this claim beyond stating that he has been losing strokes off-the-tee recently. It is possible that Rose's recent consistency and strong play at difficult courses could make him a viable option despite his chalky ownership.

Overall, while the article provides some useful insights into DFS strategy for large-field GPP contests in golf, readers should be aware of potential biases and unsupported claims when considering their own lineup decisions.