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1. Logic BIST (LBIST) and XLBIST are important techniques for test cost reduction and silicon life-cycle management in complex digital designs.

2. XLBIST addresses the challenge of unknown unload values (Xs) that can corrupt output responses, and it achieves high compression despite supporting any number and density of Xs in the scan-out responses.

3. The hardware architecture of XLBIST includes separate PRPGs for loading care bits and X-tolerance controls, as well as clock selection strategies to optimize coverage and reduce test cost.

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对于上述文章,由于只提供了标题和部分摘要,并没有提供完整的内容,因此无法进行详细的批判性分析。但是从摘要中可以看出,该文章主要介绍了一种名为Selective Multiple Capture Test (SMART) XLBIST的逻辑BIST架构,旨在实现测试成本降低和硅片生命周期管理。该架构通过引入ATPG驱动的多重捕获时钟选择来增加XLBIST覆盖率,并在几个大型设计上展示了一致的XLBIST覆盖率改进结果。