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1. The movie "I Am a Mountain" tells the story of Zhang Guimei, who founded a high school for girls in order to help them escape poverty and achieve their dreams. The film portrays Zhang's determination and dedication to education, as well as the challenges she faces in her mission.

2. The performance of Hai Qing, who plays Zhang Guimei, is praised for its authenticity and emotional impact. Hai spent two years studying and imitating Zhang's speech and behavior, successfully capturing both her physical appearance and inner strength.

3. The film emphasizes the importance of education in changing one's destiny. Principal Zhang firmly believes that studying is the only way for these girls to have a better future, and she goes to great lengths to ensure they stay in school and pursue their dreams. The movie also highlights the love between children and their teacher, as well as the impact that dedicated educators can have on their students' lives.

Overall, "I Am a Mountain" is described as a powerful work that touches audiences with its inspiring story and strong performances.

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