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Source: olditherm.com.ua
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Article summary:

1. A database is a collection of organized data, managed by a database management system (DBMS).

2. The DBMS has functional capabilities such as defining the structure of the database, manipulating data, safeguarding data protection, and managing access requests.

3. DBMS can be classified into two categories: table-based for small jobs and server-based for larger amounts of data and users.

Article analysis:

The article provides a basic understanding of databases and their management systems. However, it lacks depth and detail in its explanations, making it difficult for readers to fully grasp the concepts presented. Additionally, the article appears to be biased towards promoting the use of DBMS without providing a balanced view of potential risks or drawbacks.

The article presents a classification of database models but fails to mention other important models such as hierarchical and network models. This omission limits the scope of the article and may mislead readers into thinking that only relational models are relevant.

Furthermore, the article makes unsupported claims about the functional capabilities of DBMS without providing evidence or examples to support them. For instance, it claims that DBMS can safeguard data against disruption and unauthorized access but does not explain how this is achieved or provide any real-world examples.

The article also appears to be promotional in nature, highlighting the benefits of using DBMS while downplaying any potential risks or drawbacks. It does not explore counterarguments or present both sides equally, which could lead readers to make uninformed decisions about whether or not to use DBMS.

Overall, while the article provides some useful information about databases and their management systems, it lacks depth and detail in its explanations and appears biased towards promoting DBMS without presenting a balanced view of potential risks or drawbacks.