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1. Eutrophication in estuaries is often linked to anthropogenic nutrient enrichment, especially nitrogen (N), which supports the growth of phytoplankton and bacteria.

2. Organic matter fluorescence can be used to track potential sources of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in river systems, with PARAFAC models developed for different land uses exhibiting distinct fluorescence patterns.

3. A mixing model called FluorMod was developed to estimate the relative amounts of DON originating from different sources at various locations along the Neuse River proper and its tributaries, providing a useful tool for monitoring nutrient water quality.

Article analysis:


1. 偏重于技术方法:文章主要关注如何利用有机物荧光来追踪氮源,并介绍了PARAFAC模型和FluorMod混合模型的使用。虽然这些技术方法在研究中非常重要,但文章可能过于强调了它们的作用,而忽略了其他因素对水质的影响。

2. 忽略社会经济因素:文章没有涉及到人类活动对水质的影响,例如农业和城市化对氮污染的贡献。这些因素可能是导致水体富营养化的主要原因之一。

3. 缺乏实证数据支持:尽管文章提出了假设并进行了模拟分析,但缺乏实地采样数据来验证其结论。此外,文章也没有提供足够的证据来支持其所述的各种假设和推断。

4. 未考虑风险管理:文章没有探讨如何应对潜在的环境风险或管理措施。例如,在确定氮源时,是否考虑到可能存在有毒有害物质的污染?