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1. Miley Cyrus was around 15 years old when she took these pictures and had an average weight for a developing teenager.

2. She had noticeable curves in the right places and seemed to be toning her body through exercise.

3. She used regular clothing or swimwear to slightly adjust them to appear more revealing, indicating her intention to show off her body.

Article analysis:

The article provides a detailed description of a photo of Miley Cyrus at the age of 15, focusing on her physical appearance. While the author attempts to provide an objective analysis, there are several potential biases and one-sided reporting in the article.

Firstly, the author assumes that Miley's intention was to show off her body in the photo. However, this is not supported by any evidence and could be seen as a subjective interpretation. It is also important to consider that Miley was a teenager at the time and may have simply been experimenting with self-expression through photography.

Secondly, the article focuses solely on Miley's physical appearance and does not explore any other aspects of her personality or character. This reinforces societal pressures on women to prioritize their looks over other qualities.

Additionally, the article makes assumptions about Miley's exercise routine based solely on her physical appearance in the photo. This is unsupported by any evidence and could be seen as promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

Furthermore, there is no mention of any potential risks associated with publicly displaying photos of one's body online, especially for young girls who may be more vulnerable to negative comments or harassment.

Overall, while the article attempts to provide an objective analysis of Miley's photo, it falls short in exploring other aspects beyond her physical appearance and making unsupported claims about her intentions and exercise routine.