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1. Biden refers to Xi Jinping as a dictator: During a press conference, US President Joe Biden called Chinese President Xi Jinping a dictator, emphasizing the differences between their governments and stating that it is impossible to deny or argue against this characterization.

2. Topics discussed during the negotiations: The leaders of the US and China exchanged views on various pressing issues, including international problems, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the situation in Ukraine, climate change, and the development of artificial intelligence. However, specific details about these discussions are not provided in the article.

3. Outcome of the negotiations: The article suggests that there were no significant concessions made by either side during the negotiations. Instead, they agreed to discuss specific issues further in working groups. The author also highlights that China will continue its military and economic activities while waiting for the results of the next US presidential elections in 2024.

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此外,文章还引用了政治学家马拉特·巴什罗夫(Marat Bashirov)对会谈结果的评价,他将拜登描述为“跛脚鸭”。然而,这只是一个个人观点,并没有提供任何事实依据来支持这个说法。