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1. Poverty alleviation in China has demonstrated a unique relationship between the state and farmers, characterized by the "establishment of the country as a family and the transformation of the family into the country." This form emphasizes the unity of family and country, which is conducive to maintaining and maintaining the dominant position of family management in rural revitalization.

2. The government plays a leading role in poverty alleviation, with overall planning and specific measures reflecting its autonomy. The participation of government organizations and social forces only plays an auxiliary role. Precise poverty alleviation has become the main theme of poverty alleviation policies since 2010.

3. An important feature of poverty alleviation is that it becomes more difficult in later stages, as remaining poor people are those with the worst ability to get rid of poverty. Conventional poverty alleviation policies may not be effective for these groups, so innovative approaches such as "docking" mode between rural industrial developing countries and farmers' management are needed to help households with insufficient endogenous motivation as well as sick, disabled, widowed and widowed households.

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