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1. has experienced a rapid growth in traffic since the beginning of December, leading to server issues.

2. There are many factors driving this surge in interest for chess, including celebrity endorsements and the release of The Queen's Gambit on Netflix.

3. is working to address these challenges by investing in hardware and other improvements, as well as separating database tables and sharding databases.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy, providing an overview of the current situation at and outlining the steps being taken to address the server issues caused by the surge in traffic. The article does not appear to be biased or one-sided, presenting both sides of the issue fairly and objectively. It also provides evidence for its claims, such as statistics showing the growth in active members on since December 2020, as well as citing specific reasons for this growth such as celebrity endorsements and The Queen's Gambit on Netflix.

The article does not appear to be promotional content or partiality; it simply outlines what is happening at without attempting to sway readers towards any particular opinion or viewpoint. Additionally, it does not appear that any risks are noted; however, this may be due to the fact that there are no known risks associated with playing chess online at this time.

The only potential issue with the article is that it does not explore any counterarguments or present both sides equally; however, given that there are no known counterarguments or opposing viewpoints regarding this issue, this is understandable and does not detract from the overall reliability of the article itself.