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1. This article discusses the relevance of green chemistry in comparison to existing practices in the textile industry.

2. It evaluates the areas where one can deploy its principles and reviews the need for and importance of switching to environmentally friendlier practices.

3. The article also discusses different applications of green chemistry in textiles, especially in the field of textile colouration and a few important classes of finishes like antimicrobial, flame retardancy, water repellent and crease-resistant finishes.

Article analysis:

The article is overall reliable and trustworthy as it provides an overview of green chemistry’s potential applications in the textile industry, including coloration and chemical finishing processes. The article is well-researched with references to relevant studies that support its claims. It also provides an analysis of conventional pre-treatment methods versus green chemistry practices, which helps readers understand how green chemistry could be used more effectively in this sector.

However, there are some points that could be improved upon. For example, while the article does discuss potential risks associated with conventional chemicals used in textiles, it does not provide any information on possible risks associated with using green chemistry instead. Additionally, while it does mention some potential benefits of using green chemistry over traditional methods, it does not explore any counterarguments or drawbacks that may arise from doing so. Furthermore, while the article does provide a comprehensive overview of current trends related to sustainable chemicals used for different finishes, it fails to mention any future perspectives or predictions regarding how these trends may evolve over time.