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1. Live streaming commerce is becoming increasingly popular around the world, with many sellers adopting it as a tool to improve their sales performance.

2. Live streaming commerce provides a channel for sellers to interact and engage with online users, enabling two-way instant communication through product demonstrations and user interactions.

3. Research on live streaming commerce has been limited, but it is growing in popularity in Asian countries such as China, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Article analysis:

The article “Impact of perceived diagnosticity on live streams and consumer purchase intention: streamer type, product type, and brand awareness as moderators” is generally reliable and trustworthy. The author provides an overview of the current state of live streaming commerce and its potential benefits for sellers. The article also cites relevant research studies to support its claims about the effectiveness of live streaming commerce in increasing sales performance. Additionally, the author acknowledges that research on this topic has been limited so far but notes that it is growing in popularity in certain Asian countries such as China, Thailand, and Malaysia.

However, there are some potential biases present in the article that should be noted. For example, the author does not provide any evidence or data to back up their claims about the effectiveness of live streaming commerce in increasing sales performance or its popularity in certain Asian countries. Additionally, while the author mentions Amazon’s failed attempt at launching “Style Code Live” in 2016, they do not provide any details about why it was unsuccessful or what lessons can be learned from this experience. Furthermore, while the article does mention some potential risks associated with live streaming commerce (e.g., information loss when delivering information to consumers), these risks are not explored in depth or discussed further throughout the article. Finally, while the author does provide an overview of different types of streamers (e.g., online store streamers and influential streamers), they do not discuss how these different types may impact consumer purchase intentions or how they may differ from one another when it comes to selling products via live streams.