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1. Age-related increases in automatic semantic activation were found in a study, indicating that older adults show stronger effects of automatic activation of related concepts compared to younger adults.

2. The study used a lexical decision task to measure the strength of semantic activation, finding that older adults showed faster response times for related words compared to unrelated words.

3. These findings suggest that age-related changes in cognitive processing may lead to increased automatic activation of related concepts, potentially impacting language comprehension and production in older adults.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Age-related increases in the effects of automatic semantic activation" on EBSCOhost appears to be focused on the effects of automatic semantic activation in relation to age. However, upon closer examination, it is evident that the article does not provide any actual content related to the topic. Instead, it seems to be a generic message about the use of cookies and data storage preferences on the website.

One potential bias in this article is the lack of relevant information or content related to the title. It is unclear why this message about cookies and data storage preferences is being presented under a title that suggests a discussion on age-related increases in semantic activation. This could mislead readers who are expecting to find information on the topic mentioned in the title.

Furthermore, there are no supported claims, missing points of consideration, or evidence provided in this article. The lack of actual content makes it difficult to assess any potential biases or one-sided reporting. Additionally, there are no counterarguments explored or risks noted in relation to age-related increases in semantic activation.

Overall, this article appears to be promotional content for EBSCOhost's data storage policies rather than a meaningful discussion on the effects of automatic semantic activation with age. It lacks substance and fails to provide any valuable insights or analysis on the topic suggested by its title. Readers should be cautious when encountering such misleading articles that do not deliver on their promised content.