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1. Pankaj Berde is a software engineering leader with experience in distributed systems, big data, blockchain, and SDN.

2. He has held various roles in early-stage startups in the IoT data streaming and data science space, helping shape early POCs and defining clear direction for early releases focused on early adopters.

3. Berde has also worked as a technical director of architecture at Electronic Arts, founder and chief architect at Veracity Security Intelligence, and creator of the open-source SDN control plane ONOS while at ON.Lab.

Article analysis:

The article provides a detailed overview of Pankaj Berde's professional experience, highlighting his roles and achievements in various companies. However, the article appears to be promotional in nature, as it only presents positive aspects of Berde's career and does not provide any critical analysis or potential drawbacks of his work.

The article also lacks evidence for some of the claims made, such as Berde's success in shaping early POCs and defining clear direction for early releases focused on early adopters. Additionally, there is no exploration of counterarguments or potential risks associated with Berde's work.

Furthermore, the article seems to be one-sided reporting as it only presents Berde's perspective and does not include any input from other stakeholders or colleagues who may have worked with him. This could potentially lead to biases and partiality in the reporting.

Overall, while the article provides valuable insights into Berde's professional experience, it would benefit from a more balanced approach that includes critical analysis and input from other stakeholders.