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1. Jay Chou chose to shoot the album cover for "止战之殇" in Vladivostok, a place that has been affected by war.

2. The album's main song "七里香" was shot in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, with a romantic atmosphere created by shrines, rice fields, flower gardens and pink colors.

3. The lyrics of "七里香" were written as modern poetry by Vincent Fang and composed by Jay Chou, who insisted on using MIDI instead of traditional Chinese instruments for the prelude.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the making of Jay Chou's album, which includes the song "止战之殇" and its music video. The article provides some interesting insights into the creative process behind the album, including the choice of locations for filming and the use of modern poetry in songwriting.

However, there are several potential biases and one-sided reporting in this article. Firstly, it is clear that the author is a fan of Jay Chou's music, as they describe his songs as "winning from the beginning." This promotional content may influence readers' opinions about Jay Chou's music without providing a balanced view.

Secondly, while the article mentions that Jay Chou chose to film in Haiyanwei because he wanted to go to a place that had been affected by war, it does not explore any potential criticisms or controversies surrounding this decision. Some readers may question whether it is appropriate to use a location with such a traumatic history for promotional purposes.

Thirdly, the article focuses heavily on Jay Chou's creative process and does not provide much information about other people involved in making the album. For example, it mentions that Jay Chou used modern poetry in his songwriting but does not credit or discuss the poet who wrote these lyrics.

Overall, while this article provides some interesting insights into Jay Chou's creative process and his latest album, it could benefit from more balanced reporting and exploration of potential controversies or criticisms.