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1. The article discusses the use of drones in the NATO-Russia conflict in Ukraine, and how they have become an essential tool on the modern battlefield.

2. The article also examines how pro-Ukrainian trolls are using this conflict to their advantage, making unsupported claims about Russian generals and Ukrainian electricians.

3. Finally, the article looks at how Russia has been able to target infrastructure in Ukraine without causing a nuclear disaster, demonstrating their precision and selectivity.

Article analysis:

This article is biased and unreliable due to its one-sided reporting of the NATO-Russia conflict in Ukraine. It paints a picture of Russian generals as incompetent and Ukrainian electricians as heroic, without providing any evidence for these claims or exploring counterarguments. Furthermore, it fails to mention any potential risks associated with drone warfare or present both sides of the conflict equally. Additionally, it contains promotional content that is not supported by facts or evidence, such as claims about Israeli drones being used in the conflict. The author also fails to consider other points of view or explore alternative explanations for events mentioned in the article. In conclusion, this article is not trustworthy or reliable due to its lack of objectivity and failure to provide evidence for its claims.