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1. LAPD officers were called to the UCLA campus due to multiple acts of violence during protests, with clashes between pro-Palestinian protesters and counterprotesters reported.

2. Police made arrests at Columbia University after entering the campus and breaching a building occupied by pro-Palestinian protesters.

3. Protests and arrests have been occurring on campuses nationwide, with over 1,300 people arrested so far, including at Cal Poly Humboldt, UNC Chapel Hill, and the University of Florida.

Article analysis:

The article from The Washington Post provides live updates on college protests happening across the nation, focusing on incidents at UCLA and Columbia University. While the article does a good job of reporting on the events as they unfold, there are several potential biases and shortcomings in the content.

One potential bias in the article is the lack of context provided for the protests. The article mentions clashes between pro-Palestinian protesters and counterprotesters at UCLA and Columbia University, but it does not delve into the underlying reasons for these protests. Without this context, readers may not fully understand the motivations behind the demonstrations.

Additionally, the article seems to focus primarily on police actions and arrests made during the protests. While it is important to report on law enforcement responses to protests, there is a lack of coverage on the perspectives of the protesters themselves. This one-sided reporting could potentially skew readers' perceptions of the events.

Furthermore, there are unsupported claims in the article, such as when it states that there were "multiple acts of violence within the large encampment" at UCLA. Without specific details or evidence to support this claim, it is difficult for readers to assess the accuracy of this information.

The article also fails to explore potential counterarguments or alternative viewpoints related to the protests. By only presenting one side of the story, The Washington Post may be missing an opportunity to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the situation.

Overall, while The Washington Post's coverage of college protests provides valuable updates on unfolding events, there are notable biases and shortcomings in its reporting that could impact readers' understanding of the issues at hand.