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1. Metadiscourse features are elements that construct interactions between writer and reader in written discourse.

2. The study aimed to compare the distribution of metadiscourse features in English-Persian translations of legal and political texts.

3. A parallel corpus was used, along with Hyland's model and Sketch engine corpus software, to analyze and classify metadiscourse features.

Article analysis:

The article "Writer-reader Interaction in Written Discourse: A Parallel Corpus-based Investigation of English-Persian Translation of Metadiscourse Features in Legal and Political Texts" by Mehrdad Vasheghani Farahani is a detailed study on the use of metadiscourse features in legal and political texts translated from English to Persian. The author aims to compare the distribution of these features and analyze the writer-reader interaction in written discourse.

The article provides a comprehensive overview of the methodology used, including the corpus tools and data gathering sources. The author also explains how they created a unified parallel corpus of English and Persian language pairs aligned mostly at sentence and paragraph levels. This approach allows for a more accurate analysis of metadiscourse features in translation.

However, there are some potential biases in this study that need to be considered. Firstly, the author only focuses on legal and political texts, which may not be representative of all types of written discourse. Secondly, the study only analyzes translations from English to Persian, which limits its generalizability to other language pairs.

Additionally, while the article provides a detailed explanation of Hyland's model for classifying metadiscourse features, it does not explore any alternative models or approaches. This could limit the validity of their findings as other models may provide different results.

Furthermore, there is no discussion on potential limitations or risks associated with using corpus tools for analysis. For example, these tools may not accurately capture all instances of metadiscourse features or may miss important contextual information that affects their interpretation.

Overall, while this article provides valuable insights into writer-reader interaction in translated legal and political texts, it is important to consider its potential biases and limitations when interpreting its findings.