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1. 2D silica, both crystalline and vitreous, has a unique structure consisting of two identical layers connected by oxygen bridges, with each layer composed of corner-sharing SiO4 tetrahedra. Vitreous 2D silica exhibits a random network structure with irregularly arranged ring structures of different sizes.

2. Experimental studies on the mechanical behavior of 2D silica are limited due to difficulties in capturing atomic structure under deformation. Only two studies have addressed this issue, using transmission electron microscopy to observe atomic rearrangements and measuring the bending rigidity of 2D silica.

3. Understanding the relationship between the structure and mechanical properties of 2D silica is crucial, as nano- and microstructure influences material properties. Computer experiments have been used as a powerful alternative to study the deformation behavior of 2D silica and provide insights into the mechanical properties of bulk network glasses.

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