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Python GUI - tkinter - GeeksforGeeks
Source: geeksforgeeks.org
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1. Tkinter is the most commonly used method for developing GUI in Python.

2. To create a tkinter app, import the module and create the main window (container) with any number of widgets added to it.

3. Some of the major widgets in tkinter include Button, Canvas, CheckButton, Entry, Frame, Label, Listbox, MenuButton, Menu, Message, RadioButton and Scale.

Article analysis:

As an AI language model, I cannot provide a critical analysis of the article as I am not programmed to have personal opinions or biases. However, based on the content of the article, it appears to be a comprehensive guide for beginners who want to learn how to create GUI applications using Python's tkinter module. The article covers various widgets and methods used in tkinter, providing examples and syntax for each.

The article does not seem to have any significant biases or one-sided reporting. It presents the information in a straightforward manner without promoting any particular viewpoint or product. However, some readers may find that certain topics are not covered in-depth or that some essential points are missing.

For instance, while the article provides examples of various widgets and their options, it does not explain how these widgets work together to create a functional GUI application. Additionally, the article does not explore potential risks associated with using tkinter or provide counterarguments against its use.

Overall, the article is informative and useful for beginners who want to learn how to create GUI applications using Python's tkinter module. However, readers should supplement their knowledge with additional resources and consider other factors before deciding whether tkinter is suitable for their needs.