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(10) (PDF) Gone But Not Forgotten
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1. The prevalence of the absent or dead mother trope in urban fantasy literature is explored.

2. The trope is often used as a plot device to create conflict and character development for the protagonist.

3. The absence or death of the mother can also be seen as a reflection of societal attitudes towards motherhood and women's roles in society.

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The article titled "Gone But Not Forgotten: Exploring the Prevalence of the Absent or Dead Mother Trope in Urban Fantasy" by Karen Eastland is a Master's thesis submitted to Central Queensland University in 2019. The thesis explores the prevalence of the absent or dead mother trope in urban fantasy literature.

The author argues that this trope is prevalent in urban fantasy and has significant implications for readers, particularly women. The absence or death of mothers in these stories reinforces gender stereotypes and perpetuates patriarchal values. The author also suggests that this trope may be used as a narrative device to create tension and conflict within the story.

Overall, the article provides an interesting perspective on the use of tropes in literature and their potential impact on readers. However, without access to the full text, it is difficult to assess any potential biases or unsupported claims made by the author.