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1. The NHLPA Player Poll for the 2022-23 season surveyed 626 NHL players on 14 hockey-related questions during the regular season.

2. Players were asked to weigh in on topics such as the most complete player, best passer, top defenceman, and best stick-handler.

3. Sidney Crosby was voted as the most complete player, while Connor McDavid was chosen as the forward who would be most impactful in a must-win game.

Article analysis:

The NHLPA Player Poll 2022-23 is a survey conducted by the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) to gather opinions from 626 NHL players on various hockey-related questions. The article presents the results of the survey, including players' choices for the best goalie, forward, defenceman, stick-handler, passer, and most complete player.

One potential bias in this article is that it only presents the opinions of NHL players and does not include any input from coaches or fans. While players are experts in their field, their opinions may be influenced by personal biases or team affiliations. Additionally, the sample size of 626 players may not accurately represent the entire league's views.

The article also lacks evidence to support some of its claims. For example, it states that Sidney Crosby and Patrice Bergeron are among the most complete players in the game without providing any data or statistics to back up this assertion. Similarly, it lists several players as contenders for best passer or stick-handler without explaining why they were chosen over other candidates.

Another issue with this article is that it only presents one side of each question without exploring counterarguments or alternative perspectives. For example, while Connor McDavid was chosen as the most impactful forward in a must-win game by NHL players, there may be valid arguments for other players such as Auston Matthews or Alex Ovechkin.

Overall, while the NHLPA Player Poll provides interesting insights into NHL players' opinions on various topics related to hockey, readers should approach these results with caution and consider additional sources before forming their own conclusions.