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1. Detailed studies of the Himalayan two-mica leucogranites indicate that they have very uniform mineralogical, petrological and structural characteristics.

2. Major elements are very homogeneous, implying that P-T conditions of melting were relatively uniform. Trace elements are highly variable.

3. Radiogenic (Pb, Sr, Nd) and stable (O) isotopes are consistent with the origin of the granite from the Tibetan Slab.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy in its presentation of information about the Himalayan two-mica leucogranites. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the characteristics of these granites, including their mineralogical, petrological and structural features as well as their major and trace element compositions. It also discusses radiogenic and stable isotope data which support the hypothesis that these granites originated from the Tibetan Slab.

The article is well-referenced throughout, citing numerous sources to support its claims and providing further reading for those interested in exploring this topic in more depth. The authors also provide detailed descriptions of their research methods which adds to the trustworthiness of their findings.

The only potential bias in this article is that it does not explore any counterarguments or alternative hypotheses regarding the origin of these granites; however, given that this is an overview article rather than a research paper, this is understandable and does not detract from its overall reliability or trustworthiness.