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1. Dead or Alive: Paradise is a game with poor visuals, flimsy gameplay, poor controls, limited customization options, lack of online functionality, shoddy AI, lazy presentation and pathetic excuse for a storyline.

2. The mini-games are boring and the only interesting thing to do is take obscene photos of scantily clad women.

3. The opening cut-scene is the best part of the game but it doesn't make it worth buying.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Pocket - Dead or Alive: Paradise" is a critical analysis of the video game Dead or Alive: Paradise. The author provides a scathing review of the game, highlighting its poor visuals, flimsy gameplay, limited customization options, lack of online functionality, shoddy AI, lazy presentation and pathetic excuse for a storyline. The author also criticizes the mini-games within the game, such as beach volleyball and pool hopping, which are described as simplistic and unresponsive.

The article's potential biases stem from its focus on the sexualized content of the game. While it is true that Dead or Alive: Paradise features sexualized imagery of female characters, the author's emphasis on this aspect may overshadow other potential criticisms of the game. Additionally, the author's use of derogatory language to describe aspects of the game may be seen as unprofessional.

One-sided reporting is evident in the article's lack of exploration into potential counterarguments for why someone might enjoy playing Dead or Alive: Paradise. While it is clear that the author does not enjoy playing this game, there may be others who do find enjoyment in its gameplay mechanics or customization options.

Unsupported claims are present in statements such as "It feels like you're trying to command robots whose batteries have run out." While this may be true for the author's personal experience with the game, it is not necessarily an objective truth about its gameplay mechanics.

Missing points of consideration include any potential positive aspects of Dead or Alive: Paradise that could balance out its negative aspects. For example, some players may appreciate its relaxing atmosphere and simple gameplay mechanics.

Promotional content is absent from this article as it provides a critical analysis rather than promoting or endorsing Dead or Alive: Paradise.

Partiality is evident in the article's focus on negative aspects of Dead or Alive: Paradise without exploring any potential positives. Additionally, while sexualized imagery is present in this game and can be a valid criticism, the author's use of derogatory language may be seen as biased.

Possible risks associated with playing Dead or Alive: Paradise are not noted in this article. While the sexualized content may be a concern for some players, there may also be potential risks associated with spending excessive amounts of time playing video games in general.

Overall, while the article provides a critical analysis of Dead or Alive: Paradise, its potential biases and one-sided reporting may limit its effectiveness in providing an objective evaluation of the game.