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1. BP announced that it will suspend its dividend at least through the third quarter of 2010 and make other major financial concessions in order to increase confidence in the company, which has seen its market value cut in half and its bond ratings lowered.

2. The concessions made by BP, including the dividend suspension and the creation of a $20 billion escrow account, are aimed at addressing the costs and liabilities resulting from the oil spill and putting an end to market fears about the company's viability.

3. While some analysts believe that BP's financial plans show that President Obama does not want to bankrupt the company, others estimate BP's legal liability alone to be over $62 billion and suggest that criminal charges could result in even higher costs for the company.

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这篇文章标题为"Why BP Made Concessions",但是在阅读文章正文后,我发现文章并没有提供关于BP为什么做出让步的详细分析。相反,文章主要集中在报道了BP宣布暂停派息和其他财务让步的消息,并引用了BP首席财务官Byron Grote的一些评论。