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1. Gran Turismo 7 has released a patch that adds four graphical modes, including 120Hz and VRR support.

2. The frame-rate mode without VRR manages to hit a locked 120fps while racing, but resolution is dropped significantly to achieve this.

3. The resolution mode paired with VRR is the author's personal favorite, as it maintains a high pixel count and increases fluidity over the regular 60fps game experience.

Article analysis:

The article provides a detailed analysis of the recent patch 1.31 for Gran Turismo 7, which adds four new graphical modes with 120Hz and VRR support. The author tests each mode and provides insights into their performance, image quality, and trade-offs. However, the article may have some biases towards promoting the benefits of the patch without fully exploring its limitations or drawbacks.

One potential bias is that the author seems to be a fan of Gran Turismo 7 and its advanced display features on PS5. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it may lead to one-sided reporting that overlooks some issues or challenges with the game or the patch. For example, the author mentions that anti-aliasing in GT7 struggles with lower base pixel counts, but does not explore why this is the case or how it affects gameplay or immersion.

Another bias is that the article focuses mainly on the positive aspects of the patch, such as improved fluidity and enhanced visuals with VRR support. While these are certainly important benefits for players who have compatible screens, there are also some limitations or risks associated with them that are not fully explored in the article. For instance, enabling VRR may introduce input lag or other artifacts that could affect gameplay negatively.

Moreover, the article does not provide much evidence for some of its claims about performance or image quality in different modes. For example, it states that "typical gameplay frame-rates" in resolution mode with VRR are in the 70-100fps range without specifying what constitutes typical gameplay or how this compares to other modes. Similarly, it claims that "image quality is typically very nice and sharp" in resolution mode with VRR without explaining what factors contribute to this assessment.

The article also lacks exploration of counterarguments or alternative perspectives on the patch's impact on gameplay or visual fidelity. For example, while Super GT's feedback on noticing worse quality in the 120Hz modes is mentioned briefly, the article does not delve into why this might be the case or whether other players share this view. Additionally, the article does not consider how the patch affects different types of players, such as casual vs. competitive or VR vs. non-VR users.

Overall, while the article provides a useful overview of the new graphical modes in GT7's patch 1.31 and their performance on PS5, it may have some biases towards promoting the benefits of the patch without fully exploring its limitations or drawbacks. To provide a more balanced analysis, future articles could consider alternative perspectives, explore counterarguments or risks associated with advanced display features, and provide more evidence for claims about performance or image quality.