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Research | Patrícia Arriaga
Source: patriciaarriaga.site
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1. Patrícia Arriaga's main line of research focuses on the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral effects of exposure to violence in electronic games and media.

2. Her current research interests are centered around affective processes and emotions, with a focus on contributing to the United Nations Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Arriaga's research includes sub-areas such as conceptualization and assessment of emotions, functions of emotions, emotion regulation, and artificial intelligence in affective computing.

Article analysis:

The article provides a detailed overview of Patrícia Arriaga's research interests and contributions in the field of affective processes and emotions. The author highlights Arriaga's extensive work on the effects of exposure to violence in electronic games, which has been supported by various research projects and supervised students from different study cycles.

However, the article lacks a critical analysis of the potential biases and limitations of this line of research. For instance, some studies have suggested that the link between violent video games and aggressive behavior may be weak or non-existent (Ferguson & Kilburn, 2010), while others have argued that other factors such as personality traits, family environment, and social context may play a more significant role in shaping individuals' attitudes towards violence (Anderson et al., 2010). Therefore, it would be useful to acknowledge these alternative perspectives and discuss their implications for future research.

Moreover, the article presents several unsupported claims about the benefits of Arriaga's research on affective processes for promoting sustainable development goals. While it is commendable that Arriaga aims to contribute to these goals through her research, there is no evidence provided to support the claim that her work will have a significant impact on achieving them. Additionally, some sections of the article read like promotional content for Arriaga's products and projects rather than an objective analysis of her research contributions.

Overall, while the article provides valuable insights into Patrícia Arriaga's research interests and achievements in affective processes and emotions, it could benefit from a more critical analysis of potential biases and limitations in her work. Additionally, it would be helpful to provide more balanced reporting by acknowledging alternative perspectives on controversial topics such as media violence effects.


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