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1. Adverse events occur during intrahospital transport of newborn infants: The study analyzed data from 990 intrahospital transports in 293 newborn infants and found that adverse events occurred in 25% of the transports. These events were mainly related to cardiovascular and respiratory instability, agitation, and temperature control.

2. Adverse events were of low-to-moderate severity: Among the adverse events, 21% resulted in no harm, 4% caused mild harm, and 0.4% led to moderate harm. There were no severe or lethal adverse events reported.

3. Factors associated with adverse events during transport: The study identified several factors that were independently associated with the occurrence of adverse events during intrahospital transport. These factors included the use of hemodynamic support with catecholamines, the presence of a central venous catheter, and a longer duration of transport.

Overall, this study highlights the importance of considering potential risks and implementing measures to ensure the safety of newborn infants during intrahospital transport. The findings can inform clinical practice, quality improvement initiatives, and the development of guidelines specific to neonatal care.

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