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1. Switzerland's policy of neutrality has been in place for centuries, and other European countries have adopted similar policies.

2. The war in Ukraine has caused many to question the effectiveness of these neutral policies, as they appear naive and outdated.

3. Several countries have abandoned their neutral stance, while others are still clinging to it despite criticism from those on the front lines.

Article analysis:

The article “Europe’s ‘neutral’ countries are having to adapt to the new world” is a well-written piece that provides an overview of the current state of neutrality in Europe. The article is written from a neutral perspective and does not appear to be biased towards any particular side or opinion. It provides a comprehensive overview of the various countries that have adopted neutrality policies, as well as how they are responding to the conflict in Ukraine.

The article does an excellent job of presenting both sides of the argument, noting both those who support neutrality and those who criticize it for being outdated and naive. It also provides evidence for its claims by citing historical examples and providing quotes from government officials on both sides of the issue.

However, there are some areas where the article could be improved upon. For example, it does not provide any counterarguments or explore alternative perspectives on neutrality beyond what is presented in the article itself. Additionally, it does not discuss any potential risks associated with abandoning neutrality or staying with it, which could be important considerations when making decisions about foreign policy.

In conclusion, this article is generally reliable and trustworthy due to its balanced approach and thorough research into its subject matter. However, there are some areas where further exploration would be beneficial in order to gain a more complete understanding of this complex issue.