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1. Research shows that mentorship is key for minority entrepreneurs to become top performers, but many lack access to these connections.

2. The Census Bureau’s Annual Business Survey highlights a massive gap in New Haven between Black and white business ownership.

3. Tom Goldenberg proposes three initiatives to address this divide: creating community-centered business development, strengthening small business support for minority-owned businesses, and integrating entrepreneurship training into public education.

Article analysis:

The article is written from perspective of Democratic mayoral candidate Tom Goldenberg, which may lead to some bias in the reporting. However, the article does provide evidence for its claims by citing research from the Census Bureau’s Annual Business Survey and other organizations such as Collab. The article also provides a detailed explanation of Goldenberg's proposed initiatives to address racial disparities in business ownership in New Haven. While it does present both sides of the issue, it does not explore any potential counterarguments or risks associated with these initiatives. Additionally, there is no mention of any potential conflicts of interest or sources of funding for these initiatives. All in all, while there may be some bias due to its source, the article provides reliable information about Goldenberg's proposed initiatives and their potential impact on racial disparities in business ownership in New Haven.