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Source: kns.cnki.net
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Article summary:

1. There were 7,173 search results found on the Chinese Knowledge Network (CNKI).

2. The article does not provide any specific information about the content of the search results.

3. The source of the information is not mentioned in the article.

Article analysis:

Unfortunately, the provided article does not contain any content for analysis. The only information given is the number of search results found on the China Knowledge Network (CNKI) website. Without any actual article text or context, it is impossible to provide a detailed critical analysis or identify potential biases, unsupported claims, missing evidence, or other elements typically found in an article.

It is important to note that CNKI is a reputable Chinese academic database that provides access to a wide range of scholarly articles and research papers. However, without specific information about the article being referenced, it is not possible to evaluate its content or potential biases.

In order to conduct a thorough analysis, it would be necessary to have access to the actual article text or at least a summary of its content.