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1. Latour encourages the use of science-in-the-making as an entry point to understanding science, but his semiotic approach does not fulfill this goal.

2. An alternative postphenomenological approach is presented which focuses on how intentional relations between scientists and the world are mediated by scientific instruments.

3. This postphenomenological approach can be understood as an ethnomethodology of human-technology relations that meets both of Latour’s requirements when studying science-in-the-making.

Article analysis:

This article provides a critical analysis of Latour's semiotic approach to science-in-the-making and presents an alternative postphenomenological approach. The authors argue that Latour's semiotic approach does not fulfill its desiderata, and that it fails to recognize the crucial role that scientific instruments play in science-in-the-making. The article is well researched and provides a detailed overview of Latour's semiotic approach and its shortcomings, as well as a thorough explanation of the postphenomenological alternative. The authors provide evidence for their claims and explore counterarguments, making sure to present both sides equally. The article is unbiased and does not contain any promotional content or partiality, nor does it ignore possible risks associated with the proposed postphenomenological approach. All in all, this article is reliable and trustworthy in its analysis of Latour's semiotic approach to science-in-the-making and its proposed postphenomenological alternative.