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1. The differential equation governing motion of the subcritical crack predicts no stable crack growth and reduces to the classic case of Griffith when fracture occurs in an ideally brittle solid with a ductility index ρ = R/Δ → 1.

2. The δCOD criterion can be used to obtain the tearing modulus for quasi-brittle solids, and for an ideally brittle solid, the size of the Neuber particle Δ can be identified with the length of the cohesive zone.

3. The left-hand side of Eq. 51 can be written as f(α)ddX[(2YX)1−2α2αY], and with G denoting the right-hand side of Eq. 51, one has dYdX=2αGf(α)(2YX)12α−1+2α(1α−2)(YX)2X2Y.

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