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1. Small-business owners' optimism has risen slightly in the fourth quarter, but remains well below pre-pandemic levels.

2. Owners are more positive about their future financial situation than their current one, but still face significant financial challenges due to the pandemic.

3. Recovery for both the U.S. economy and small businesses is not expected until well into 2021 or beyond, according to small-business owners surveyed.

Article analysis:

The article "Small-Business Owners' Optimism Rises but Below Pre-COVID" provides an overview of the fourth-quarter Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Survey, which measures small-business owners' present and future optimism on six key financial dimensions related to their enterprise. The article highlights that while small-business owners are more optimistic about their future situation than they were in April, their current situation remains a concern. The article also notes that the recovery is expected to last into fall 2021 or later.

One potential bias in the article is its focus on the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Survey, which may not be representative of all small businesses in the United States. Additionally, the article does not provide information on how many small businesses were surveyed or what industries they represent, which could impact the survey's validity.

The article also presents some unsupported claims, such as stating that small-business owners expect to be in a difficult place for the foreseeable future without providing evidence to support this claim. Additionally, while the article notes that COVID-19 continues to be far and away the top challenge facing small businesses, it does not explore other challenges that may be impacting small businesses during this time.

Furthermore, while the article notes that some small-business owners are more optimistic about their business going into 2021 following the U.S. presidential election, it does not explore why some owners may feel less optimistic or provide any counterarguments to this perspective.

Overall, while the article provides some useful insights into small-business owners' current and future optimism levels, it could benefit from providing more context around its survey methodology and exploring other factors impacting small businesses during this time.