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1. Apple is rolling out iOS 16.4 RC (Release Candidate) to developers, just a week after the release of the previous beta.

2. The update includes 21 new emojis, notifications for web apps on the Home Screen, and voice isolation for cellular calls.

3. An RC build usually comes days before the official release of a new version of iOS, indicating that iOS 16.4 should be available to all users soon.

Article analysis:

The article provides a brief overview of the release of iOS 16.4 RC to developers, highlighting its new features and changes for iPhone users. However, the article lacks critical analysis and is more of a news update rather than an in-depth analysis.

One potential bias in the article is its focus on the positive aspects of iOS 16.4 without exploring any potential drawbacks or negative consequences. For example, while it mentions that the update includes new capabilities for web apps on iPhone and iPad, it does not discuss any possible security risks associated with these changes.

The article also presents information in a one-sided manner, only providing details about the new features and changes without exploring any counterarguments or alternative perspectives. This approach can lead to a lack of critical thinking and analysis among readers.

Additionally, the article contains some unsupported claims, such as stating that iOS 16.4 should be available to all users soon without providing any evidence or sources to support this claim.

Overall, while the article provides useful information about the release of iOS 16.4 RC to developers, it lacks critical analysis and presents information in a one-sided manner without exploring potential drawbacks or alternative perspectives.